Scooby-Doo - Shaggy, Velma, Fred, Daphne and Scooby

Jinkies! It's a SCOOBY DOO Cosplay Group

Characters: Fred Jones By Jerry Griffith, Dafne Blake By Katie Goerge, Scobby Doo By Kairos, Shaggy Rogers By Cliff (IObject Cosplay & Law) & Velma Dinkley By Riddle Cosplay.

You Have To See This Sailor Moon Group Cosplay Read more at

Sailor moon group: Mercury: PippiStix Venus: Pretty Lush Cosplay Mars: JediManda Jupiter: Rosalie Cosplay Saturn: April Gloria Uranus: KittyKait Cosplay Neptune: Kukie Siren Pluto: Becka Noel Studio Moon: Oki-Cospi Photo by Eddie B Photos

Disney Hercules group. LFCC Winter 2014

This movie is so underrated I'm surprised people cosplay the people from this movie. Is it sad that I can name all the muses?