Grayson Dolan: this is my favorite picture

Read The Party (Grayson) from the story Dolan SMUT Imagines by dolansnut with reads. Your Pov: It was October, Friday th.

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Leave this kid alone if he's gay then let him be happy it's non of our bussines and it must be hard for him to read that people don't want him to be gay as he said "you can't control who you're falling in love with"

Wasn't this in a BuzzFeed post??  but anyway wow what a cutie I love him

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You are my sunshine... My only sunshine...

//now that I'm without your kisses I be needing stitches//

Grayson, I love his earrings! <3

Yeah I have, those are the fun moments in life among many others but that's one Pintrest:Bellaboo_xo

Ethan Dolan| "I'm Jonah Parker. I'm eighteen and single. I like skateboarding and being reckless. Ryan is my twin brother and Lyric is my older sister. Intro?"

Could he get any hotter in this picture?Oh yeah Bring Grayson!) oh that shoe looks lonely.

grayson dolan, the dolan twins, and smile image

:Grayson Dolan: "Hey, I'm Grayson I am 18 and a Dom, I am looking for my kitten!

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Its already and i still think about you how much i love you and actually it hurts that i'm not saying this to you but Grayson Bailey Dolan if you will ever read this I LOVE YOU