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This is a commission piece that I had fun creating. Mainly because my kids use to watch the Gravity Falls cartoon. This is a leather journal with handmade metal corners and custom tooling throu.

Was It All Just A Dream

Was It All Just A Dream?

I’m so late for Bipper party. School so hard, I have no time to post fanart fast. Sock Opera is the greatest masterpiece, hands down… Gravity Falls©Alex Hirsch Art©Me</sub> Me) XD I loved this bit from the deleted scene!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic + Gravity Falls = AWESOME SAUCE!!!!! :D

My Little Pony - Seriously though, why wasn't Luna in that episode? I mean it's not like she's allergic to daylight. She and Celestia should have face rolled Chrysalis.

I forgot Wendy dose not know about Stanley

I forgot Wendy dose not know about Stanley<< she does know about Great Uncle Ford, she litterally said goodbie to Dipper and Mabel standing next to both Stan and Ford

They're going to answer dippers name and what happened in the portal in the journal that's coming out this July. As for fords sweater, they answered that in the finale. He was hiding the photograph of him and Stanley, in short he was hiding  a big heart and love for his brother. We can only imagine what happened to blendin though

I'll tell you guys what happened. Blendin Blandin left a message for them in journal there is a nightmare realm in the portal along with other dimensions, there is a stupid tattoo under Fords sweater, and Dipper's real name is.