All content creators have to disclose when they're doing an ad. Shouldn't political figures be held to the same standard?

Truth, and badly needed. They also shouldn't be able to chi grill their own wages/raises, that should be decided & voted on bff the American people, aka their employers. ice caps, no coastal cities cause they're all underwater, and children don't know what snow is anymore. Okeydoke, Al...

This severe weather is not because of any man made global warming problems that so many continue to discuss. It is true that the general weather conditions of the world are warming or more rightly.

ROTFL if it weren't so sad, and this guy is serious, he is that divorced from what is reality for the average American

They have The Balls to ask for this and anything else they want because they know their Stupid Supporters will Fall For It and vote for them Over & Over Again.

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Legalize helps so many people outside of "just getting high"

Legalize helps so many people outside of "just getting high"