Meet The New Crop Of #FashionPeopleTattoos #refinery29  Chelsea Leyland is sending out some good vibes — right from the underboob.

The 30 Best Tattoos In Fashion

Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only

Good vibes only! What started out as a little doodle may now turn into something more! More will be revealed in good time.

Good Vibes tattoo underboob

Good Vibes tattoo Love this font better and probably would place it on my side boob instead of under boob

good vibes by Stefan

20 Good Tattoo Ideas

good vibes by Stefan, Long John’s Tattoo & Piercing, Poland I decided on “good vibes” because it’s meaning of the all amazing and positive people, possibilities, ideas and places. It’s everything that.

Sending good vibes your way with our Good Vibes tat. - MADE IN THE USA - As seen in People Magazine - Dimension: 1.5" x 2" - Safe and non-toxic All orders must be a minimum of $10.00. FREE PRIORITY SH

Good Vibes

Sending good vibes your way with our Good Vibes temporary tattoo. INKED by dani temporary tattoos are safe and non-toxic.