Learn how to make your own gel candles with this step by step tutorial!

How to Make Gel Candles: Step by Step - Darice

Прозрачные гелевые свечи своими руками                                                                                                                                                                                 More

only with seashells, and those dried purple flowers i have from work.

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Here Are Step By Step Instructions On How to Make a Beer Candle

How to Make a Beer Candle - Gel and Paraffin Wax Combined: Enjoy the Finished Beer Candle

How to Make Candles at Home | ... salt to make this candle and glue salt on a wooden stick to make algae

Make Easy Gel Wax Candle (tutorial

Tutorial Gel Candles (Make easy gel wax candle). A DIY tutorial to help you make gel candles. Gel candles are one of the simplest DIY projects to make.

Went to a wedding and the centerpieces were wine glass candles...it was soo cool!  I'm trying this!

Wine and Champagne Glass Candles

For your next wine and cheese party, set the tone for the evening by lighting Wine and Champagne Glass Candles that look and smell delicious. Wine and Champagne Glass Candles Dimensions (Red Wine): x diameter Dimensions (


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Christmas candle centerpiece idea - submerge glass colored ornaments with floating candles in large glass container.