gas masks used during WWI to stop the chlorine gas and mustarded gas from killing or blinding them

WWII German Soldier in A Gas Mask.Just slightly creepy looking.

A woman with a gas mask by Taiwanese Pixiv user Krenz. Hella nice. Link to the original here (plus a couple more and some sketches):

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This image is so dark, yet it lets you create a story from its simple creepiness. I imagine a mad survivor of some apocalypse still wearing their gas mask years later.

Esto me recuerda al libro 'Asfixia' de Alex Mirez, que salió hace poco a la venta... #SoloLeíLosTresEpisodiosOnline

Happy town Children with gas masks hold hands and dance outside a barren or an overgrown house

Máscara de gás e roupa de freira? LOL XD

Talk to a nun - preferably not in a gas mask but if there is one that is ok too.She is ordered to wear it so she doesn't spread her erotic life styles to others Mais