Inspired by Stellar Dreams - Valkyrie Another "this just came out of nowhere" piece. I don't even have much to say about it because I have no idea how it even came to me. I just kept adding things,...

Little Dose of Inspiration — auroralion: View on DeviantART ★ Purchase a.

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Awesome artwork ("A certain darkness is needed to see the stars." -Osho - I just adored making this one! Is there anything better than creating galaxies? Base was done with watercolor and then I added oil pastels, and acrylic paint for the stars✨ -

I really wish I could drink this and be the ultimate ruler of the universe!

You are a siamese cat, I am a fish [Anh là mèo, em là cá] - Lời dẫn

efectos de usar el saar por esta estudiante. En lugar de glifos crea peces

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Beautiful Silhouette Paintings by British Artist Danielle Foye

Well I'm planning on buying you a bigish teddy. There's a lot of cards and diy stuffies. There is certain things I'll buy closer to the time .