Good morning handsome

Sweet Good Morning Messages for Him

Hmmmmmm....where have I heard this before??? :-) thank for for such an incredible day!! Absolutely a WOW memory!!!!! YES it was amazing but holding YOU close is so wonderful!! It is perfect & so are YOU!!! I truly Love YOU with ALL My Heart!!! I Miss U terribly already!!!! Omigosh I Do!! Thank you so, so much Baby!!!:-*:-*:-* WOW!!!!***

Implies something innapropreit, yes, but still a hilarious thing for a fashion-savy character to say that would likely lead to pinning.

“You remind me of my pinkie toe... Sooner or later I’m gonna bang you on a table.”

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"I think you are suffering from a lack of vitamin me."

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I am a ninety-nine percent angel... But, oh... that one percent.  for all things naughty xox

I am a ninety-nine percent angel. But, oh. that one percent. has the most fun.

hahahaha...gemini n i......pufff hahahahaha..its really funny

I'm not a Virgo but I had to pin because it is hilarious! I'm actually an Aquarius<<<Oh my gosh you're an Aquarius? Aquarius & Virgo's are supposed to be like best friends! I'm a Virgo!