See I told you the girth was loose!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I have many of these moments with my horse. "I told you that puddle was deep. But did you listen to me?" "I told you that flag would try to eat your face." "I told you there was a rock in my foot.

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Chill out bro…

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Something Touched My Foot - Horse Goes Flying After Hoof Touches Beach Water ---- LOL! This is me in the ocean, or lake, or river.any kind of water!

...i don't think it works quite like that!

For fast riders we have fast horses. For slow riders we have slow horses. For those who have never ridden we have horses that have never been ridden. A little ranch humor ;

Why do you ride? Why do you breath? #BRLEquine #loveyourhorse #lovetoride

Why do you ride? Why do you breath? #BRLEquine #loveyourhorse #lovetoride

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