It does get better, it took me 4 months to put out that fire and start loving what I was eating.

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not sure if doctor said I was obese or a beast

Obese or a BEAST? haha funny fitness and diet memes for people who workout and love food - posted

There might be some truth to this. :)

t think you understand mom funny quotes family memes quote lol funny quote funny quotes humor. This was me as a little kid

"Let's pay the farmer, not the pharmacist." - Paul Coletta, CEO Urban Remedy. Over many years, Big Food has negatively impacted both people and the planet by focusing on centralization, efficiency, and engineering food systems to increase profits. Big Food is largely focused on lengthening shelf life, but when you increase shelf life, you often do it to the detriment of nutritional value and the environment. Inspirational quotes | Healthy Diet | Plant Based Diet

Big food is a big problem is Urban Remedy's call to action against America's food system.

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My husband when I get home with my groceries now

I'm all for fruits & veggies but Cookie Monster will always be about COOKIES.