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my favorite running quote. ever.
razones por la que debo correr

16 motivational fitness quotes for when you CBA to work out

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Today is a good day to die #running

Steve Prefontaine Cross Country Running Extra Large Fabric Poster

Seriously I think that's how we all look lol
When running sometimes doesn't just feel like a workout but a lifestyle:

24 Pictures That Will Make Runners Laugh Then Put On Their Sneakers

Running a Half Marathon as Told by Emojis

Running a Half Marathon as Told by Emojis

"That awkward moment when you're wearing NIke's and you can't do it."

Hate Running but Do It Anyway? Then You'll Love These Quotes

I'm not sure what happened but I just signed up for another race.
The 10 Best Running Memes

The 10 Best Running Memes