Aurora, Norway | by Wayne Pinkston ….Stay cheap and comfortable on your stopover in Oslo: and

Aurora Borealis in Kitdalen, Norway. Canon camera, Nikon mm lens at 14 mm and f sec exposure, ISO Hope you enjoy! by Wayne Pinkston . Aurora boreali on night sky multicolor

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Foto: aurora incrível sobre a Noruega

A Memorable Aurora Over Norway (Dec 5 Image Credit & Copyright: Ole Christian Salomonsen It was one of the most memorable auroras of the season.

Northern Lights in Norway

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Northern lights in Norway. I'm very fascinated by the Northern Lights. I saw a lot of it when I lived in the north of Norway and really enjoyed it.

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This stunning image of an aurora was captured against a summit near Austnesfjord, which lays close to Svolvær, Norway by photographer Max Rive. photo via Max Rive via Astronomy Picture of the Day

Aurora Borealis


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Photographer Proposed To His Girlfriend Under The Northern Lights And The Photos Are Breathtaking | Bored Panda

Photographer Proposed To His Girlfriend Under The Northern Lights And The Photos Are Breathtaking

Gold Coast landscape photography couple Dale Sharp, and Karlie Russell, took what is surely one of the most breathtaking proposal pictures of all time inside the heart of the Arctic Circle with the Northern Lights

Aurora boreal

Extremely dangerous lava surf photography is completely worth the risk

Astrônomos estão usando o Hubble para estudar as auroras boreais de Júpiter (Foto: Nasa)

Telescópio Hubble captura imagens inéditas da aurora boreal de Júpiter

Hubble's Jupiter and the Amazing Shrinking Great Red Spot --- May 17 --- Credit: NASA, ESA, and Amy Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center) et al.

Green Aurora Borealis - HD Wallpaper

A Photo Of The Strange And Amazing Natural Phenomena Known As An Aurora Borealis:One day I will get the opportunity to see it for myself.

Aurora boreal. Islandia.

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Definitely want to visit Iceland in the future and hopefully catch a glimpse of this amazing spectacle!

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Awesome Aurora B last night Made especially beautiful by the solar flare in Faskrudsfjordur, Iceland. Taken by Jónína Óskarsdóttir