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TECH TUESDAY: Get Intentional Desktop Wallpapers

Procrastination is every busy body's worst nightmare - but sometimes, all you need is a little kick in the butt to get rid of bad habits. Set these gorgeous wallpapers on your desktop for daily motivation and start your day with intention!

Shawn Mendes Top Pictures 2016 Full HD

The new girl Ashlynn falls for Shawn Mendes. Her parents are divorced and Ashlynn and her mom moved to Pickering, Ontario,Canada. Where Shawn lives, but what s.

Instagram's starting point? Ask the whole company to draw the logo from memory in 10 seconds or less.

An Exclusive Look At Instagram’s New App Icon

2016 saw a lot of big logo and branding changes for a lot of huge companies.

Christmas◦Winter • enchantedbgs:   Winter / Christmas backgrounds •...

This Christmas wallpaper is sure to get you in a Christmas mood and I a doing a different wallpaper every day leading up to christmas and this one is for Christmas Eve!