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Undersea version of Edvard Munch's "The Scream" or "Don't you EVER creep up on me like that again!

Marrus orthocanna, a deep-sea siphonophore related to the jellyfish - deep sea creatures

A Marrus orthocanna, a deep-sea siphonophore related to the jellyfish. From “The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss” by Claire Nouvian/Kevin Raskoff The New York Times > Science > Slide Show > Seadevils and Species Unknown

Reef Squid off Okinawa, Japan

Reef Squid off Okinawa, Japan


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cool-critters: “Fanfin seadevil (Caulophryne jordani) The Fanfin Seadevil is a very strange looking deep sea creature from the Anglerfish family. This fish can be distinguished from other Anglerfish.

Abyssal Angler, glad these things live way deeper than I swim!

Anglerfish facts and pictures. Find out more about deep sea angler fish and the infamous anglerfish mating.

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Nicholas Samaras is a new underwater photographer, but he made an impressive entrance in underwater photography area in Greece and out of his country borders.

Argyropelecus olfersi

Ability to withstand the most extreme conditions is what distinguishes most deep sea species. However, certain deep sea creatures can withstand more and venture further into the deep unknown. Check out this list of 10 creatures of the deep .

The abyssal zone is the ocean habitat to meters below sea level. This region is defined by complete darkness, extremely high pressure, and average temperatures of degrees C.

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In a new discovery, researchers observed worms drifting as much as 66 feet meters) above the seafloor. It seems that the worms are capable of floating from feeding zone to feeding zone.

La vida en las profundidades del océano siempre resulta sorprendente. La fauna abisal llega a tomar formas realmente llamativas. Pero una medusa como la de la imagen superior parece más producto del photoshop que de la evolución. Y sin embargo, es real.

Hallada una curiosa medusa bioluminiscente en las profundidades del océano.

ReSearchers at NOAA Expedition who were on-board the Okeanos Explorer found a jellyfish they had never seen before! This tiny and exotic animal is for real and has been living roughly meters below the ocean surface.

Resultado de imagen para bioluminiscencia

Resultado de imagen para bioluminiscencia