Hier fand ich die Idee schön, die Informationen anzustrahlen um sie in den Fokus zu setzen. Kann ja auch buntes Licht sein, aber wäre ein schönes Highlicht und spannend anzusehen.

structures (exhibit kiosks, tables, chairs, cabinets, benches) that are supported by a solid base Stanley Huang converse event taipei 2015 I think the spot lighting and angled walls create a visual appeal and I enjoy the highs and lows of light.

790dcf0a2686e9306ace8f172ab6580a.jpg (725×8299)                                                                                                                                                          (Shampoo Bottle Sketch)

Excellent example of a trade / exhibition design stand from sketch concept, to fabrication to completion Más

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Great render of an exhibition booth utilising structural architecture & creative design. We produce visual renders like this of all our exhibition stands so get in touch to get yours on it's way - The Graphic Mill

Good use for geometric

University of Arts London information pavilion. Exhibition classes at Poznan University of Technology.

Decoraciòn ecològica.                                                                                                                                                     Mehr

Vertical garden - wedding idea, have picture frames with chicken wire and place moss with flowers in, hang on strong fishing wire Cool for hanging Irish mos. Also cool for planting a garden and keeping the bunny rabbits at bay.