Major and Minor pentatonics

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Chords and chord progressions.

Cheat sheet for teaching oneself how to play the guitar.This was made by anchor studio. This image shows a paper that helps you to learn alone how to play the guitar

The Wheelharp is a groundbreaking keyboard musical instrument that gives the player the ability to orchestrate a full chromatic scale of 61 actual bowed strings at ones own fingertips, almost like having a real chamber string orchestra at hand.

Wheelharp, Musical Instrument Mimics the Sound of a String Orchestra By EDW Lynch on May The Wheelharp is a musical instrument that lets a musician replicate the sound of chamber string orchestra using a simple piano-style keyboard.

La escala mayor y la escala menor LA TABLA ARMONICA Blog

La escala mayor y la escala menor (o cómo convertir una canción infantil en una marcha fúnebre)

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Secrets of Shred with Sammy Boller: Speed Pentatonic Scales

In this lesson, I’ll be demonstrating my favorite way to rearrange the pentatonic scale into a two string-speed pattern. This trick allows you to simplify your left hand fingering for maximum speed and consistency all over the neck.

Harmonic minor scale guitar positions 2

How to play the harmonic minor scale on guitar. Diagrams, patterns, positions, fingering and jazz guitar licks.