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Developed for Cravory Cookies — Easy carry box. Perfect for holiday parties or gifts.

I want pretty: Diseño- Empaques creativos/ Creative packaging!

Want to enjoy a charming cup of tea? Try a butterfly tea bag. Designed to perch on your cup, these butterfly tea bags make a great gift for tea lovers.

Un colorido frasco de ensalada

The Salad Jar. in action. Such a clever way to pack a tasty lunch or even make salads for an entire week. This would be a great way to package and sell fresh salads if you could keep contents that get soggy separate and vacuum seal to last

Tracing paper + Washi tape - even the most inexpensive candy becomes special. diy party favors

Because You’re A Sweetheart

20 Creativos empaques que desearás tener en tus manos ¡Te van a encantar! | Difundir.ORG

Packaging Trident Gum (Concept) is so great and so popular however it does remind us of HappyDent another very popular pin PD

Empaque elegante de pizza                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

25 Empaques De Productos Que Llevaron La Creatividad A Otro Nivel

This mini pizza packaging is one of a kind because it is functional by having space for the pizza and utensils, it is convenient for someone on the go and the design is appropriate for an office woman who likes to accentuate her style.

Future Shelter: New Mugs - William Street collection

We're ready to reveal our new ceramic mugs! Our latest machine is a digital ceramic decal printer that allows us to decorate our own ceramic.