Threads help add dimension and texture to embroidery. Explore cotton, silk and wool fibers that will make your next piece pop!

Best Threads for Hand Embroidery: A Helpful Guide

***Best threads for hand embroidery, Discover how the fiber, weight and twist of hand embroidery threads help add dimension and texture

Great information for hand quilting with embroidery thread such a Perle Cotton:  love a quilt that's stitched with Perle Cotton.....oh my, the collective in-drawing of breath around the world as the "Quilt Police"  flutter their eyes in disbelief that such a thing would even be allowed......Do what makes you happy, it's your quilt anyway.  If you want to take huge stitches...DO IT....NO RULES!!!

JaneVille: Hand stitching - Matching the correct embroidery needle with your embroidery thread makes stitching a pleasure. Here's a handy chart to help you pair your long eyed embroidery needle with pearl cotton thread.

When using stranded cotton embroidery floss, stitch weight – or the heaviness or lightness of stitch – changes with the number of strands used.

How Many Strands Should I Use?

You can make a feather necklace with this DIY embroidery jewelry tutorial.

33 Creative Ways to Use Embroidery Thread

Amazing Embroidery by Corinne Sleight | Художественная вышивка Corinne Sleight

Amazing Embroidery by Corinne Sleight

DIY necklace: How to make a necklace with embroidery threads

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