Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell (Born: Elizabeth Joanna Robertson - March 1970 - Los Angeles, CA, USA) as Juliet Burke

'Revolution's' 'Lost' Reunion: Elizabeth Mitchell Joins J.J. Abrams Drama as Series Regular

'Revolution's' 'Lost' Reunion: Elizabeth Mitchell Joins J. Abrams Drama as Series Regular (also on OUAT)

Favorite character on Lost...I cried so hard when she died. And she's so unbelievably pretty.

Good Voice of the Turtle Clan looks a lot like actress Elizabeth Mitchell.

Elizabeth Mitchell as Melody Morganstern

Once Upon A Time Cast

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Lost, Elizabeth Mitchell | ELIZABETH MITCHELL (Dr. Juliet Burke) WHEN SHE DIED Season 6, episode 1 HOW SHE DIED From injuries after falling into the Swan station's pit and…

'Lost': 9 portraits of the 'dead'

Elizabeth Mitchell aka Juliette of Lost

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Elizabeth Mitchell - loved her as Linda McCartney, Mrs. Claus, and the Ice Queen on Once Upon A Time.

Elizabeth Mitchell Biography Date of Birth 27 March Los Angeles, California, USA Birth Name Elizabeth Joanna Robertson Nickna.