Artist: Unknown name aka Mandrill - Title: Unknown - Card: Masked Wizardess Leila (Absolute)

Doublet, Knights Templar, Dark Ages, Figure Painting, Tobias, Figs, Warfare, Medieval, Romans

EL GUERRERO DEL ANTIFAZ - Nº 121 - ''ZAKIR SUCUMBE'' - (1943-1966?).

EL GUERRERO DEL ANTIFAZ - Nº 121 - ''ZAKIR SUCUMBE'' - (1943-1966?).

Feather Mask, Antonio Stappaerts on ArtStation at

Started as daily spitpaint Quite liked the idea, so I refined it a bit more. Done on iPad Pro using Procreate.

Cleric, Fantasy Battle, Fantasy Art, Engineer, Character Ideas, Fantasy Artwork

Character Reference, Character Concept, Character Ideas, Boy Art, Character Design Inspiration, Anime Fox Boy, Anime Boys, El Anime, Chinese Art

sketch of Warhammer titan by eismesser on Tumblr

eismesser: “This is just a sketch. ” <<< A damn fine sketch of the War Hammer Titan

Warrior Cat Generator 2.0 by Maedeer

Decided to remake my old warrior cat generator, which received a lot of attention despite the fact that it was pretty hideous.