edelweiss flower - symbolises courage

For the other country I proudly represent edelweiss flower - symbolises courage mother daughter tattoo?

edelweiss tattoo, ohne das Datum und drumherum

In this gallery you will find different designs depicting edelweiss, very appreciated both by women than by men.

LEONTOPODIUM ALPINUM (Stella alpina. Edelweiß. Étoile des Alpes. Planika. Edelweiss). Asteraceae

Edelweiss: supposedly made the wearer bulletproof so German soldiers often tucked one into their uniforms. Also perspective suitors picked them for the woman they wished to marry. As a result of edelweiss frequently growing on mountains, many young men fe

Simple edelweiss tattoo-I fell in love with the placement of Kat Von D's chin tattoo. May do something similar with this.

Simple edelweiss tattoo - I may add this to my foot tattoo - splash of yellow in the middle - as a tribute to my Nan