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Doukyuusei (NAKAMURA Asumiko) Vol.1 Ch.7 Page 10 - Mangago

donamoeba: “ Doukyuusei (Classmates) Speical SS from the latest OPERA magazine, to celebrate the movie adaptation of this beautiful story!


Kusakabe Hikaru e Sajou Rihito - Doukyuusei

does anyone know who he is (pls tell me)

does anyone know who he is (pls tell me)

; Nakamura Asumiko black & white

Nakamura Asumiko black & white collected by wally XD and make your own Anime album.

sabe quando aquele amigo quer te animar, mas você não esta no clima...

Tamen Di Gushi 68 this is prob my fav short like manga ::>_<::::>_<::