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Beautiful ways to update/decorate your hall | crystal door knobs and shaker doors

Beautiful Traditional Hall Decorating Ideas

Studio McGee's Favorite Interior Door Hardware — STUDIO MCGEE BLOG

Favorite Interior Door Hardware

Shop Delaney Contemporary 350551 Kira Series Dummy Door Lever Satin Nickel, Weslock Wexford Dummy Door Knob, Sure-LocHardware…

Interior Door Knobs

Statement Interior and Exterior Door Knobs - Room for Tuesday Blog

Do your cabinet pulls need to match your door knobs? Does your lighting need to match your door knobs. I'm weighing in. Let's discuss.

New Door Knobs an EASY UPGRADE

Do your cabinet pulls need to match your door knobs? Does your lighting need to match your door knobs. I& weighing in. Let& discuss.

The Black hardware   Traditional Doors

Square doors with ORB. White doors, oil rubbed bronze hardware Premium Doors - traditional - interior doors - huntington - Interior Door and Closet Company

Hand Hammered Door Knob 					 						One of my favorite pieces of hardware from Nanz. With its hand hammered ridges, the knob has an interesting reflection and can give a more modern twist to more traditional French doors. It is the perfect example of how you can do unexpected things in subtle ways with hardware.

Well-Advised: Peter Pennoyer

knobs by nanz - modern and classic styles. love this hand-hammered one. Really beautiful stuff love the hammered look

Who doesn't love a purple glass door knob? It makes you feel elegant before even stepping into the room!<<Vintage accessory! So beautiful! I can imagine it shimmering and sparkling when the sun hits it!

I love glass/crystal door knobs and purple is my favorite color. I would never use a purple door knob but that doesnt mean its not fabulous!

Oh my goodness, that door knob!

It’s not difficult incorporating some cool door knobs and handles ideas. Check for practical ways of infusing them and keep changing periodically.

Gothic door knob.                                                                                                                                                      More

Antique door knob and lock. There's an Alice in Wonderland feel to this knob and lock. As if using the wrong key would result in the face scolding you!