Ever wonder exactly what they're talking about in a dog show? Dog Show Terminology 101 will answer everything you need to know.

Dog Show Terminology 101

I wouldn't say our dog shows include a lot of these terminology but still very interesting

CorgiPants: Make Your Own Dog Show Survival Kit, ALL the stuff you need to make your life at the dog show a breeze!

Aren& there things you always need at dog shows but have to scrounge around to find, or make do with what you can find? Inspired by som.

Get the facts about the Westminster Dog Show that you may not know, but should.

Get the facts about the Westmisnter Dog Show that you may not know, but should.

dog, Hendricks 4-H Dog Club Danville, IN Showmanship

Hendricks County 4 H Dog Club helping youth teach their dog how to behave and cooperate, as well as learn how to communicate with and understand their dog.

Train Your Dog for a Dog Show Step 2.jpg

Train Your Dog for a Dog Show

How to Train Your Dog for a Dog Show. Showing dogs, or "conformation" is a popular and enjoyable activity for many dog owners. It gives you a chance to build a stronger bond with your dog, and also to show off your canine friend to an.

Rumor the German Shepherd Wins Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show

NEW YORK (AP) — Now appointed America’s top dog — CJ, the German shorthaired pointer. CJ won best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club on Tuesday night, beating a couple of top favorites…

A German shorthaired pointer named CJ won the Westminster Dog Show on Tuesday, Feb. 16 — see the cute photos!

Westminster Dog Show Winner Is German Shorthaired Pointer CJ

Who Won Best in Show at Westminster Dog Show SPOILER ALERT - Do not continue if you don't want to know what happened during the 2016 Westminster Dog Show! Best in show has been announced at the Westminster…