Love the idea of redoing an old fridge for keg beers

Blackboard kegerator conversion successful!

Love the idea of redoing an old fridge for keg beers.and I don't even drink beer!

How to build a kegerator

Building Your Own Kegerator Just Got Easier. Always Have Cold Beer On Tap With This Step-By-Step Kegerator Guide.

If you do not know what a kegerator is, after seeing this couple’s, you will join the list of us who need one. Kegerators are draft beer dispensing devices. As the football season gets into full gear, a kegerator is perfect for those Sunday games or maybe you are like this couple and want to …

He Turned a Cheap Freezer Into an Industrial Kegerator For Their Wedding. Their Savings?

An old fridge converted to a kegerator. Perfection.

Blackboard kegerator conversion successful!

Turn your old ugly fridge into a beer tap complete with a chalkboard for writing a menu. Minus the beer tap, I'm all for painting it with chalkboard paint.