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Funny Best Friend Quotes

Disney quote ❤ so awesome this is the best quote ever and so true. So cute I want it to be in my wedding vows haha


Mormon Memes from the Movie Frozen

And this is why I LOVE Flynn Ryder. Because he thinks like me.

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

The views, I want a moon room, where I can just look at the sky. And I want blackouts near my castle for less light pollution. I want a tower on my castle. So that I can pretend that I'm trapped and being guarded by a dragon<<< I want all of it

Ok some of these I've seen but that Gaston spitting is so nasty!! And Aladdin is making a Gideon face!

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You mean always pause Disney movies to laugh yourself silly? What do you mean that ruined your childhood?

Random Disney Movie Quotes Funny | Dump A Day Funny Pictures - 32 Pics

And the MEGA post winner is… Up! (29 photos)

Funny pictures about South America. Oh, and cool pics about South America. Also, South America photos.

Did Pixar Finally Top this?  // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

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Never see her face, but Frozones wife is definitely one of the best characters Pixar has ever made. My favorite scene in The Incredibles!

20 Best Disney Humor Quotes #picture

20 Best Disney Humor Quotes

frying pans, who knew, funny tangled quotes.. if you have seen tmi .. you will understand how funny this is!

Disney's Tangled - frying pan as as weapon: not original! Read "The Frying Pan of Doom" by Patricia C. Wrede in The Book of Enchantments. Rapunzel has nothing on Queen Cimorene.

When Disney's Frozen and Mulan collide - LOL!

Frozen Memes, Funny Jokes About Disney Animated Movie