Dioramas - School Project - How To Diorama - School Display

Dioramas - School Project - How To Diorama - School Display This would be awesome to include in a RR layout!

Underground diorama -- so cute! Loved by www.alittlebirdtoldme.nl || webshop - necessary accessories

the bare bear lair: Hoppy Bunny Thanksgiving Dinner Diorama. This is an inspiration to do an underground painting or collage.

reminds me of the "Fairy House" diorama I used to have in my bedroom

Aviaries by David Montgomery

Alphabet Aviaries are a series of Shadowboxes by David Montgomery of Working Birds Studio feature miniature dioramas with our feathered friends.

would make such an awesome project, if only I knew how to use resin that well...

would make such an awesome project, if only I knew how to use resin that well.

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Urban scene of a war-damaged house and cars. Impressive model with a lot of trash and litter and weathered cars and a lot of details.

easier than wood to cut Техника изготовления кирпичной кладки из бумажной коробки

Paper carton/egg trays~~easier than wood to cut to create faux bricks from…

Talwst's spectacularly-detailed dioramas are hidden inside vintage ring boxes

Spectacularly Detailed Dioramas Hidden Inside Vintage Ring Boxes

"I Always Dreamed of an Underwater Aquarium Bathroom" by Katy Christianson

Get Your Tiny Things Fix Here: These Diorama "Dream Homes" Are Everything


The Butterfly Conservatory - Upcycled thrift store jewelry box by Nichola Battilana (inspiration)

Balloons and Dioramas

We love making one off hot air balloon diorama box pieces and reuse old wine bowes, tea boxes, cigar boxes and tins in all shapes and sizes. If there is anything in particular you'd like in a box piece, we undertake commissions.

Love this  Book Paper Diorama with light  by artist MalenaValcarcel, On sale on Etsy for $631.

Diorama - Book Paper Diorama with light - Great Comfort. On a wooden black painted base I have placed a sofa with a cushion, a footstool with an

Favela 3 | da trisbj - Cardboard favela by Pamela Sullivan

inspiration: cardboard favela (Brazilian slum dwellings) now this is pretty cool and I may use this idea as inspiration for a canal I want to build later on :)