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Another edit for a story. I realise how deep/depressing I can get. No, I'm definitely not dark or twisted. Pfft, why suggest such a thing.

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Rin Royama is a princess just trying to figure out her place in this world

Brandon Soloff drawing using black and white on tone paper. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

I like how the artist uses only three colors, red, black and white. Making red the focus point. I like how the picture is simple and realistic. I think that this is a perfect picture to sponsor these lipsticks.<<<< that's beautiful

Con lo que me gustan a mi los outlines y mas aún las superstars...esto es tan.Espero q os gustee.

Luxirares Rocky DIY Adidas dog track suit (doctored from a kid's Adidas track suit)

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Skater girl More btw i am abt to buy a skate board But where the fuck to ride it the roads here ahhh