lisa frank

i found my lisa frank stationary and stickers and was BEYOND excited. kids these days dont know what theyre missin.

Presidential Guess Who! What a fun way to teach presidents. Great for election time coming this fall.

Six Fun Activities for Your Kids This Summer

Guess Who: Historical Figures - Cool way to help kids study important people, i. It could also work for people with TBI's, Aphasia or some form of dementia! A fun way to study important people in your life like family and friends!

Delfin comun

Delfin comun

Cartel de Palabras Compuestas:

spanish anchor charts in bilingual class - If you find this info graphic useful, please share, like or pin it for your friends.

Palabras simples y compuestas |  Simple and compound words

Palabras simples y compuestas | Simple and compound words in spanish

Palabras simples y compuestas

Formar palabras bl

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Wonderful chart of sufijos en español. Wish it had a column for English equivalents though. Perhaps that could be expanded upon with an accompanying worksheet and dictionary activity?