What dental professionals need to know about TMJ: An infographic

I'm not endorsing this DR but I do like this info graphic for helping patients understand TMJ and it's symptoms

Dentaltown - Doctor + ENgineer + arTIST = DENTIST

I would like to be a dentist or an orthodontist, depending on how long I would want to go attend graduate school.

#granddental Anesthetic Infographic

We did all our surgeries with long acting Marcaine. It kept the patient comfortable until they took pain meds and got home.

Anatomy of a Tooth: Art print and poster by Rachelignotofsky

One of my newest anatomy illustrations! This little guy is showing off his pearly whites. A cute way for kids to learn while they brush their teeth and a great gift for your favorite dentist. check it out in my shop at:.

Chart showing names, locations and the time-to-expect permanent teeth for your child.  Dentaltown - Patient Education Ideas

Very handy chart showing names, locations and time-to-expect permanent teeth for your child or tween. Blessed Smile Dentistry of Yorba Linda

This is a Gold Filled and Matte Gold Plated Brass Tooth Necklace created with the following Materials    *10mm x 7mm Matte Gold Plated Brass Tooth Pendant*  *Gold Filled Chain*  *Gold Filled Findings*  *Gold Filled Spring Ring Clasp*    It’s 16 inches long and can be adjusted to your preferred length up to 20 inches. Anything longer there will be an additional charge.     *****ALL ORDERS ARE PACKAGED IN A GIFT BOX AND READY FOR GIFTING*****    Shop this product here…

Gold Tooth Necklace - Silver Tooth Necklace - Dental Jewelry - Tiny Gold Tooth Necklace - Dentist Necklace - Christmas Gift Ideas

How We Get Cavities - If you have a toothache, don't hesitate to call us at (940)665-1571. We welcome same-day emergency visits and will get your on your way! #SmartMouthFamilyDental http://smartmouthfamilydental.com/dentist-in-gainesville-tx

It's important to teach kids at an early age all about cavities and cavity prevention. Check out our tips on how to explain cavities to your kids!