Happy Halloween! This year I decided to sit myself down and actually make a big in-depth costume...I doodled the design for this critter in my notebook one day, started messing with it...and woosh....

Undead Demon Costume - Mid by ~Lizard-of-Odd on deviantART - now THIS is an impressive dedication to Halloween!

Great for devil and demon costumes.

Realistic Halloween Devil Horns

Demon Costume with Hooves - By Oonacat by ~oonacat on deviantART

expanding on this idea for DragonCon 2012 This is my version if you will Hooves: by Oonacat [link] Horns: Oonacat [link] Tail: Oonacat Model: you gu. Demon Costume with Hooves - By Oonacat

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Sculpt Demon Horns from Foam and Paper Towels

Sculpt Demon Horns from Foam and Paper Towels

These DIY demon horns are lightweight, flexible, and easily modified for your Halloween costume or cosplay.