I Like How Dainty The Font Is.e·nough Adjective 1. Adequate For The Want Or Need; Sufficient For The Purpose Or To Satisfy

I like how dainty the font is.e·nough adjective adequate for the want or need; sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy I like the font - maybe breathe, I went outside and remembered to BREATHE.

"keep me where the light is"-John Mayer <3

"keep me where the light is"-John Mayer tattoo. The font is everything. Not in love with the quote, nor with having John Mayer eternally on my body, but very cool font and placement.

"This too shall pass"...

*****FONT****** "This too shall pass".I believe this may very well be my next tattoo.maybe even in this location.different writing style tho

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placement placement! (for my teaching quote)

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Script Tattoos are designed to imitate polished handwriting in a cursive style. This style of tattoo is commonly used for names, mottoes, and other phrases

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And what is done in love, is well done. - Vincent van Gogh // "vivi con amore" - "live with love" in Italian / E o que é feito com amor, é bem feito. - Vincent van Gogh // "vivi con amore" - "viver com amor" em italiano