Deftones "Minerva" - In honor of my sweet, 12 year old Tabby, Minerva, who passed away on Valentine's Day, 2014. She never forgot who I was, no matter how long the amount of time between my visits. I will never forget her. Te amo, mi gata salvaje.

i never bother with descriptions, but ive loved this song, for years. one of a handful that inspires no matter how much you listen. always my favorite of theirs Deftones - Minerva (Video)

Deftones Minerva Skull

Illustration inspiration

make a "real life" pic of this.fake roses and a skull face.maybe painted more day of the dead like.

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Deftones minerva

Deftones minerva

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Deftones - "Minerva"

The band's self-titled fourth album, as erotic as it is brutal, as relentless as it is gentle, rockets the Grammy-winning Deftones to the top of modern rock.

Deftones - Minerva [Official Music Video] - YouTube

▶ Deftones - Digital Bath (Video) - a blow-you-away tune - gorgeously and deliciously dark

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#nowspinning #deftones #minerva #lp #vinyl #record by alparalysis