By choosing games that focus on the questions themselves while spending minimal time on the "game" part, we can add some fun into our test prep without sacrificing the review.

7 Classroom Review Games that Won't Waste Time

Bean Bag Toss:  the kids didn't seem to mind that bean bag toss isn't an official Olympic Event
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Games for reception

Please, I need you to participate…

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Are you a middle school or elementary teacher who is frustrated by lines of students wanting your attention? You are going to want to check out this post containing an easy strategy that both you AND your substitute teachers will love!

How To Manage Students Who Are Demanding Your Attention

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New Interesting Visual on Learning Styles and Study Tips ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
Teaching: 65 hours per week for 36 weeks equals 2340 work hours.  Other jobs: 40 per  week for 52 weeks  equals 2080 work  hours. So, I deserve  the summer off.  Any other  questions?