Liberal lunacy. How they define these words shows just how bad our public education system is because, their  definitions are way off.

Speak the TRUTH - "ACCURACY is the twin brother of honesty. Inaccuracy is a near kin of falsehood.

For some reason the last paragraph made me tear up lol

The Adventures of Peter Freuchen. Chuck Norris is a freaking kitten compared to this guy!

The top 8 ways to be 'Traditionally Married' according to the Bible. I never knew all of these. I wonder if the Pope knows about this. kn

The Top 8 Ways To Be 'Traditionally Married,' According To The Bible

“Has clarified exactly which Biblical marriages she supports? Are concubines ok with her?

✯ Crystal Sphere ✯  What a beauty

loveismyjudge: So jealous, this beats my crystal ball completely Come forth into loving light for Nature, Witchcraft Fantasy ☪˚ ˛

Richard Avedon. I love the lines formed in this image punctuated with the curve of the braid. Lighting is sensational as well

richard avedon

Add in constant indie and heavy metal music in the background, and a stack of books and there is the mixture of my summer.

funny-summer-exercise-body Pixar’s The Avengers 18 May, 2012 in Art, Pictures

Pocas bandas pueden presumir de ser polifacéticas sin tener que cambiar absolutamente nada de su estilo. High Tiny Hairs es el nombre que lleva este proyecto bizarro y heterogénero que se define a sí mismo como garage-psych, aunque en realidad lleva un poco de cada género de música. disruptivo del siglo …

High Tiny Hairs prepare to launch their debut self-titled EP, featuring six great songs of style pop garage rock meets quirky punk, to be released on Sir Gregory Records, Augu…

1,305 mentions J’aime, 13 commentaires - Peteski (@itspeteski) sur Instagram : "What we’re reading graphic by @itspeteski text via @ prettygoodyear’s twitter #bookclub…"

1,305 mentions J’aime, 13 commentaires - Peteski (@itspeteski) sur Instagram : "What we’re reading graphic by @itspeteski text via @ prettygoodyear’s twitter #bookclub…"

Beautiful foyer--love the lanterns!!

The white ceilings of this entry way make it look even taller. using light brown as an added neutral color keeps the entry way bright.

Nancy Reagan and Mr. T, 1980s  Great Picture !  Have had this 'liked' for ages trying to decide where to pin it. Decided its so 80s, it had to be the olden days board

Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr T's lap! The photo was taken in December of when Mr. T was invited to Washington to help the First Lady unveil the White House Christmas decorations. At the time Nancy Reagan was campaigning the just say no to drugs for kids.

Grinds all creatures alike. Skinning, gutting and deboning optional. Meatloaf anyone?


Food Choppers Mincers the Universal Cooking Appliances Gadgets, USA, 1890 Premium Poster