Two of my favorite things: Cats and Davey Havok. So cute!

Davey Havok plus cat friend :)))

Meet the sexiest vegetarian celebrities of 2012: Renee Olstead and Davey Havok.

2012 Sexiest Vegetarian Celebs

Is it weird that looking at just the tattoos brings back memories? Like, the music, his voice, just seeing him, but the tattoos remind me of a ton too. And all the colorful mesh shirts HAH.

AFI's Davey Havok pulls no punches when choosing to go naked rather than wearing animal skins.

AFI's Davey Havok Happily Goes Naked Rather Than Wearing Leather

Holy Mother of Havok. I just fuckin died.

athleticrecon on

Davey Havok is amazing for many reasons. Today's reason - he is wearing a Hello Kitty tie.  A HELLO KITTY TIE!!

Davey Havok on

Davey Havok Lead singer from the band AFI. I had the pleasure of meeting Davey and the back almost a decade ago and he truest is a beautiful soul. Not to mention he is other worldly handsom.

Davey Havok | This is exactly how I remember him when I fell in love with AFI in Salt Lake City.

Gallery of photos showing Davey Havok styles. Davey Havok dress sense, clothes, accessories and hairstyles.

oh Davey Havok even before u stopped wearing makeup u were still hot!

oh Davey Havok even before u stopped wearing makeup u were still hot! <<< I completely agree XP

i miss the long hair and the makeup but theres not denying DXH is one fine man either way

although i enjoyed the goth, makeup wearing davey havok. he has gotten pretty damn hot!