Daniel Radcliffe is beautiful

Harry Potter's star Daniel Radcliffe takes the cover story of Essential Homme's August/September 2014 issue lensed by fashion photographer Kevin Sinclair with styling by Michael Fisher.

5 eyebrow-raising things Harry Potter does in Kill Your Darlings

5 Things You'll See Harry Potter Do in Kill Your Darlings

Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) - Kill Your Darlings. I am basically obsessed with everything Daniel Radcliffe post Harry Potter. He has grown so much as an actor since then.

Everyone thought Jeannette and I were weird having a crush on him when he was 11, but look at him now biotches!!!!

The Many Cinematic Faces of Allen Ginsberg

Daniel Radcliffe - is growing up to be a fine gentleman. Mmmhmm.

Celebrity Birthday July 23 Harry Potter star and heartthrob Daniel Radcliffe.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe as: Uripeiros Greiric, main character, adopted son of Aether, belongs to the kingdom of 'Etoamond' even thought he doesn't know it. Really is the son of Death, and belongs to the Lost Kingdom of Aivoria.

Daniel Radcliffe. Kindness, fun, handsomeness, joy, hotness in one! Love him o the moon and back

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