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We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. Peak Performance/Well-Being Coach and Double Olympian - Nathan Douglas.

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If you can dance & be free and not be embarrassed, you can rule the world. -Amy Poehler Via Whitton & White

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE!!!! #AudreyHepburn

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"Dancing is like taking a mini vacation from the stress of the everyday -- You have to be in the moment." - Ofelia De La Valette So true

Just... Dance.

Here is a collection of great dance quotes and sayings. Many of them are motivational and express gratitude for the wonderful gift of dance.

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her body shows how she feels - the weight, those horrible bags, the grey showing in her hair, the sad smile.

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Quote: I dance because there's no greater feeling in the world than moving to a piece of music and letting the rest of the world disappear Can't stop the feeling so just dance dance dance

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At the dance studio I go to they add Well Wishers(messages to the performers from family) to the end of their programs, and my parents used this quote!

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Dude I cannot live without dance if I'm not in dance class I'm creating choreography or watching videos online


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love dance, always dance, dont forget to dance, Izabella Grace "P. Don't ever forget that you love to dance.