Bulbasaur w/ strawberry. I like how he is holding the strawberry and the little star on his forehead is a cute little addition to his markings.

Bulbasaur with a strawbery. Bulbasaur and his evolutions are my favorite pokemons. This is a very cute version of him. The little star is a cute little addition.

Pikachu, cute, chopsticks; Pokemon

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espurrrrrrr is soooo cute

espurrrrrrr is soooo cute. Even after you know the fact that he is restraining from killing every one withen a 300 meter radius by folding it's ears.

A Super Cute Pokemon Can't Fit In It's Pokeball?

Maybe thats why Pikachu doesnt like it's poke ball.HD Wallpaper and background photos of Why Pikachu doesnt like it's poke ball. for fans of Pokémon images.

Look at this adorable Eevee!!! <3 <3

すっぱいぬ(ちょこ)マッギェム on

Look at this adorable Eevee! i know this is not anime not kawaii but this too cute so i had to put it in this board

I now know that this is Shaymin. At least ten people have told me this. Thank you all.

^_^ Someone please tell me what pokemon this is. I've never seen it, it is adorable, and I want it, <------ It's called Shaymin. It's usually a lighter green. It's a mythical pokemon, and a grass type. The gracidea flower lets it change form.

Piplup by Sarilain.deviantart.com on @deviantART

My new favourite Pokemon. Pokemon belongs to Nintendo. Super cute commissions available here! FREE monthly giveaway here! Artwork © Sarilain 2013 Do NOT use, redistribute, or copy any of my art, de.

I got misty! But.... But imma guy.... Oh well... I do like water Pokemon

Which Pokemon Trainer Are You Most Like?

McDonald's is so much cuter in poke city thanks to mew and jirachi.

Which Pokemon Type are You?

shockuh: “ Mew and Jirachi eating Mcdonalds. ” These are two of my fav legendary pokemon. Or at least, the two that can look cute sitting on food. Mewtwo probably couldn’t pull that off.