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Let's change society! Curves are beautiful and healthy! Fat is okay! The only bad fat is visceral fat, the fat around your organs and mid section. But large thighs, large breasts, big calve muscles, these are all sexy and healthy!

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Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful -Sophia Loren Famous Beauty Quotes That Are Inspirational

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It's true.A man who wants a size zero.He is shallow.I ALWAYS found it completely ironic that a bald over weight man thinks in his mind that he can land the size zero Barbie woman. Sooooo true dig up you slacker

. Of course i'm curvy I love curvy

The XeLence range is the most innovative hosiery on the market catering to plus size women, nearly half of the women in the UK are above a size 14 with being plus sized - larger than a size

Curves <3 Nobody likes to snuggle a stick

brown-nipples: “hellotoxoplasma: “babygirl-pink: “ mnlsexinc: “ “ That’s right! So true! ” This is NOT body positive. I can’t feel good about my body.