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stop stalking me at my job. What kind of woman allows her boyfriend to watch his sister-in-law strip?

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So Diana your so happy but u are bffs with a chick I fucked, hmm trying to compare notes or the only way you will get close with me by dating her? If so damn you down graded like no other

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Especially when he hands her the phone and tells her to "let your OG grew up on the streets of LA girl show and get rid of the fat bitch" hahahahahahaha


The Only Thing Worse than ”the One Who Got Away” Is the One Who Won’t go Away ~ Funny Quote


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Like the fact that you gave up our daughter in fine print then decided to call me a piece of shit when your other ex wife created lies.

I just realized my life turned out better than yours ... Checkmate bitch ... #thedamien #downgrade

Funny how I see this and a specific person comes to mind. Not only did this make me laugh out loud, it is so flippin true 😂😂

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Love : Tu as tourné la page mais moi j'ai brûlé le livre. (Et j'en ai commen…