Easy Unicorn Halloween Costumes for Best Friends

25 Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your BFF

A League of Their Own DIY Costume | Camille Styles

A League of Their Own Costume

Search for “DIY costumes” on Pinterest, and a lot of unique ideas will come up – but so will a lot of repeated ideas. One of the most popular costumes online seems to be a deer, which I have figured out because I literally can’t search for Halloween costumes on Pinterest without seeing at least one image of a girl in deer makeup. This isn’t an issue, exactly, because deer makeup is adorable and pretty and fairly easy to do on your own.

22 Adorable Ideas For A DIY Deer Costume This Halloween

Deer Costume 🦌 ~warm coloured palette (includes browns), white and black face paint, ears, decorative flowers (optional)~

DIY Bubblegum Costume | studiodiy.com

DIY Bubblegum Costume

Pair pink balloons with a pink dress to make a super cute DIY bubblegum costume for Halloween!

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The 50 Most Jaw-Dropping Halloween Makeup Ideas on Instagram

85 of the Most Jaw-Dropping Halloween Makeup Ideas on Instagram

Hallowen Costume Couples For a glamorous spin off of Johnny Depp's grungy, Jack Sparrow style, add a few gypsy-like finishing touches (think glittering smoky eye or a few, faux piercings) to top off the look.

Now here's a costume that really pops (sorry, had to). If you can't find a red and white striped skirt, you can definitely hack one with some white tape or fabric paint.  Get the instructions here.    - Delish.com

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38 Friend Halloween Costumes

38 Friend Halloween Costumes

Gather a group of friends — the more the merrier — and have everyone choose their favorite candy color. Purchase white gloves, solid-colored tutus and suspenders and striped knee-high socks (available (Diy Costume Ideas)