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"Why," you ask, is this post here?  Just look at those beautiful eyes.  And the head, and the face?  What a beautiful animal.  The eyes are almost mysical.

Love Share and Keep Smile / Is this a panther or bobcat or mountain lion and from what country? I don't know, but he's a beautiful cat with green eyes.

I like the FLASH on the shirt!

Photographer Neva Wireko combines industrial atmosphere with structured styling in "What Else Remains" for Teeth Magazine Online.

I believe that these animals should remain wild and free, but that doesn't mean I still don't want one!

Photography by @ (Sue Demetriou). A stunning black jaguar at WHF Big Cat Sanctuary…


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~~Mountain Lion mother carrying cub in her mouth by Tim Fitzharris~~

The Puma, most commonly known in the western United States as the Mountain Lion, has many other names such as: Catamount, Cougar, and Panther. - Hope I never cross paths with one!

Cougar / Mountain Lion / Puma We have cougars living not far from our home. Beautiful animals, respect them .

ENDANGERED - The Beautiful Florida Panther is Florida's state animal. It is estimated that only 80 Florida Panthers remain in the wild. The Florida Panther was placed on the endangered species list in 1967. About 30 to 35 juvenile and adult Florida Panthers wear radio collars as part of the Florida Panther Recovery Program.

Cougar ~ so big and so beautiful. I have been fortunate to see them in the mountains throughout my life.