If only more people would apply this to their workout they would stop hating on those that get real gains.


mens-t-shirt-train-insane-or-remain-the-same-black_design.png pixels Favorite saying!

"Why," you ask, is this post here?  Just look at those beautiful eyes.  And the head, and the face?  What a beautiful animal.  The eyes are almost mysical.

Love Share and Keep Smile / Is this a panther or bobcat or mountain lion and from what country? I don't know, but he's a beautiful cat with green eyes.

I believe that these animals should remain wild and free, but that doesn't mean I still don't want one!

Photography by @ (Sue Demetriou). A stunning black jaguar at WHF Big Cat Sanctuary…


*randomly sits on jungkook in a completely heterosexual way* *moves his hand and smirks* these 2 i swear to god. They're so great together it hurts my hearteu

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Mountain Lion Mother Carrying Her Cub in Her Mouth. (Photo By: Tim Fitzharris.