Saber cómo aprender a dibujar personas paso a paso de forma profesional es una tarea bastante interesante… ¿Por qué es una tarea interesante? Simple, aprender a realizar la figura humana en su máxima expresión, es realmente una tarea que conlleva una

Learn the logic of drawing hands and apply it to different view angles in your fashion sketches and illustrations

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How to Draw Roses with Easy Step by Step Valentine's Day Drawing Tutorials & Lessons for Kids and Children

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Draw Realistic Hair

Just Pinned some inspiration to Design Inspiration: Realistic hair drawings good for anime characters minecraft is kinda like 3 >ω

Aprende a dibujar un cuerpo humano,ropa,anime y a colorear

Aprende a dibujar un cuerpo humano,ropa,anime y a colorear

How to Draw Manga - Compare these body proportions to classical and/or fashion proportions. Recognize idea body types as subject to the aesthetic tastes or social modes of a cultural era.

Guía Única: Cómo aprender a dibujar rostros humanos, paso a paso

La guía definitiva para aprender a dibujar rostros

I found this post and thought it would be a great place to try and start drawing lips realistically to get the gist of it for anyone trying to develop into an artist.