Underwater Ink photographyby Alberto Seveso ------------  http://www.boredpanda.com/underwater-ink-photography-alberto-seveso/

Just Awesome Smoke

Funny pictures about Colourful smoke. Oh, and cool pics about Colourful smoke. Also, Colourful smoke.

I swear one of these days I'm just going to spontaneously combust. Just hope it's colorful like this

This is a photo of a colorful explosion. Lately, the word explosion has applied to my life through explosions of emotion.

artistswanted: Alex Nero | Featured Art Takes Paris...

artistswanted: Alex Nero

Make your own colored smoke bomb  would love to do this how environmentally taxing or burdensome is this?

How to Make the Ultimate Colored Smoke Bomb

How To Make the Ultimate Colored Smoke Bomb: This project produces colored smoke a lot like this USAF smoke grenade.

rhubarbes: “ via Melbourne // (@voaqed) • Instagram photos and videos ”

“You want to know where my nightmares come from? They come from those secrets, whispered in the halls, woven in the tapestries, embedded in the rocks. They’re the ones that this new, magical world brings.

WellDoneStuff ♦dAǸ†㉫♦ Color Smoke Grenade - $19

Color Smoke Grenade

These Color Smoke Grenades features 7 different smoke colors. Cool Burning smoke gives you approx. 90 seconds of dense cover smoke.