DIY: The Ultimate Stain Remover. For deep, set in stains. one part Dawn dish soap mixed with two parts hydrogen peroxide and some baking soda!

How to Clean Car Carpet

Using a carpet cleaner is a great way to have a clean smelling home and reduce the amount of dust in the home. The Hoover Extract Pressure Cleaning carpet clean(.

Best Way to Clean Car Carpet

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15 tips for getting stubborn stains out of vehicle carpet and upholstery and maintaining the cleanliness of the interior of your vehicle.

Best Way to Clean Car Carpet

Best Way to Clean Car Carpet | eHow

How to Clean Car Carpet - Simple Green

How To Clean & Detail Your Car Interior

With Spring upon us, it's time to think about cleaning your car. Genesis 950 makes cleaning easy from the floor mats to the carpet to the upholstery. Make your car look and smell like new.

Best Way to Clean Car Carpet

The carpeting in your car gets subjected to every piece of dirt your shoes pick up while out and about for the day--especially during the winter, when snow helps the process of tracking dirt into the .

Learn how to clean car carpet.