Chris Evans | There is just something special about him, beyond his good looks, something unique <3<3<3 -B.R.

idontwikeit: “ “This is the most outside asks you can incorporate into a movie,” Evans says. “I love acting – but that’s not all you’re asking me to do.” Chris Evans photographed by Peggy Sirota in. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero sh

Chris Evans as Jake Mitchell #illicit #junegray

Chris Evans as Garrett Kendalls, a Templar who decides to help an accused Blood Mage, knowing she was falsely accused and turns his back on his duties to the Chantry to help her (The Dalish Commander/Found)

Chris Evans - The 2016 Royals: Priyanka Chopra, Cindy Crawford, Kanye West and More Photos | W Magazine

The 2016 Royals: Priyanka Chopra, Cindy Crawford, Chris Evans, Kanye West and More

Me thinks Marvel has a secret bank of Chris's where they go every time they need a hunk. One day I'm gonna track it down and claim one for myself

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