Pokemon 2

Pokémon evolving with their trainers. I had my own idea similar to this for Halloween someday, with a cosplay-like thing based off one of my favorite Pokémon. I had Dratini, Riolu, Dragonite, Lugia or Torchic in mind.

Partners forever (By Neko)                 this made me cry a bit

Partners forever (By Neko)

Partners forever (By Neko) This is ME, I always pick Bulbasaur, I always pick the grass starter. Beautifully done

Starter Pokemon Regional Variants

Starter Pokemon Regional Variants

I design some different forms for starter pokemon,hope u like it XD evo into link Bulbasaur Type:Fire Charmander Type:Water Squirtle Type:Grass Chikorita Type:Flying C.I love the use of the first design of Torchic.