This picture really caught my attention on how awesome it looks to be riding a horse. It makes me think about how riding a horse is way cooler than a car!

Friesians & Feathers Johnnie SWM 52 Pisces GOAL: Four In Hand; Friesian Stallions Of Course!

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Trajes de Charro Mexicano e Historia de la Charreria

Hermosa pintura !!

Mexican tradition by Emilio Garcia Salazar, via Behance

Escaramuza charra, una tradición 100% mexicana.

Everything you need to know about de Mexican Escaramuza Charra: the ladies riding horses in big dresses that dance in Xcaret Park.

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Growing up along the Texas coast and also spending many happy days in the…

Sombreros de charro

Mexican Sombreros- I would so just collect these for no reason! Using antique wood farm animal yokes to display them is inspired.